Monday, 17 September 2012

MSFW- Hair Styling Design for Zsaneta Couture

Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Red, Purple, White colour Spring, Summer seasons!

Bubbling, energetic, smooth, fluffy, wavy, hair looks match with colourful clothing!

High, clean, beehive hair style is pretty suitable for this elegant, gorgeous dress!

Also, giving the back of head a bit texture with curly ends!!

Peacock feather hat with lovely texture and does dress this clothing design pretty well!

With simple but high and cute bun on the crown area makes her more bubbling and fabulous!

The simple and high twisted bun makes the silver dress and model gorgeous and look more elegant! 

Hair Styling & Design by Hazel Chen
Designer: Zsaneta Couture
Photographer: Alex Kuo

@ Parliment Steps, Melbourne, Australia
8 Sep. 20012,


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