Monday, 27 February 2012

Princess Fiona & Prince David's Wedding... 27, Feb, 2011

Back to the charming day....

She is Princess Fiona, not the one from Shrek movie, but my lovely sister...

So glad I came back to Taiwan assist everything on her most significant day in her life.
As she wanna gorgeous and elegant hair style and make-up look, she looks like a real Princess on that day!

Therefore, I found a quiet big, bling bling, sparkling tiara for her and put between her fringe and forehead.
Some tiny but shiny crystal pieces n pearls of necklace has been worn between her beautiful neck shape n shoulder.

For her 1st make-up look, I use light brown eyeshadow  colour on the base and put a bit strong chocolate eyeshadow with shimmer within her mobile eyelids so that the eye look is quiet strong but not smoky!
All pretty Bridesmaids! :)

The 2nd look, we are focusing on a bit sweet and lovely as the Princess Fiona & Prince David are walking on the red carpet and holding colourful balloons.

Thus, according to match with her 2nd gown's colour, I put olive green eyeshadow on her double eyelid and then gold glitter surrounding the inner corner. 

The 3nd look, trying to do braiding on the back of her hair which makes her look clean but still charming in the end of the wedding banquet. 
Also, I choose pink shimmer to add on her mobile eyelids and put pink eyeliner pencil on her underneath eyelids!  

Again, thanks for all friends and relatives coming for Mr. & Mrs. Wang's wedding!

I believe that Princess Fiona & Prince David are holding their hands tightly to overcome any difficulty in the future and have fortune, lucky, happy family! 

 Thanks for Photographer, Paul Chen's work
Make-up & Hair Styling by Hazel Chen

Ur Dreams Come True Make-up & Hair Studio


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