Monday, 12 November 2012

Bubbling, Charming wedding- Wei wei & William :)

Happiness & Warmness are surrounding us! 

Wei wei  is a lovely, sweet and careful bride. William, as I know he is really patient on what her lovely wife arranged and organised for their wedding, he took around 2.5 hrs to stay with her at my place for bridal makeup & hair trial. :) He is such good and patient husband! 

When I first met Wei wei, she told me "Hazel I don't think I will put any veil when I wear my wedding dress" 
"See, below hair style look is still elegant and gorgeous without long long veil attached" :)

You mad my day! Wei wei! :) Thanks for trusting me proficiency. 
Your smile and happiness will put me more close my achievement. 

Such warm and blessing kisses! 
The old lady is Wei wei and William's wedding host & witness!

Time to knot together! 
The western ceremony to bless new family to hold their hands tightly in the rest of life in the future! 

Best men, bridesmaids and new couple, lovely poses shoot front of wedding car.

International Brighton! The another good place to have wedding ceremony and reception.

The 2nd look is for Bride & Groom's first dance! 
Greek style hair look, braiding on the back, pretty suits her green gown

With shimmering green eye shadow colour makes her being gorgeous star today!

Before taking first dance! :) Wei wei is quite nervous!

How glamourised she is!   

Such a flawless and perfect Waltz dance ending! 

Groom & Bride : William Lo & Wei wei
Makeup & hair artist: Hazel Chen, 

Ur Dreams Come True studio :

Photographer: Hazel Chen

Venue: International Brighton, Melbourne, Australia
11 Nov. 2012 


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